TFL/LUL tell cleaners - Tough luck, You’ve still got to pay to travel

Buses are now free to all, all RCIs are deemed unnecessary and furloughed...But Cleaners on the tube still have to pay to get to work.

That’s the message from TFL/LUL management. When we challenged them at the MDs weekly conference call we were told it was a tough choice but unaffordable. The letter from TFL/LUL can be downloaded below.

RMT cannot think of much that is more important right now than the heroic role of our cleaners.

They are doing the most valuable and dangerous work of all on the tube network during this pandemic.

Allowing our cleaner members free travel would have been an insignificant cost compared with the 95% fall in usage and loss of other commercial income.

It is despicable that our cleaners have been outsourced in the first place. They play just as important and fundamental role to the tube as drivers, signallers, stations staff and engineers. Without them there could be no service.

We will redouble our efforts to get them free travel immediately. The NEC has instructed the General Secretary to raise the matter with the mayor.

But we will also redouble our efforts to end all outsourcing on the tube. In this pandemic crisis we’ve seen self-employed members laid off without pay. The so-called TFL family looks decidedly dysfunctional right now and the cause is outsourcing.