RMT serves formal notice of Tube pay ballot

28 February 2020



Dear colleague




I have today served formal notice on London Underground that a ballot of all members at the company will commence next Friday (6th March 2020) over its failure to table a pay offer that offers justice to you and your colleagues or address issues of fatigue and excessive working hours.


The message coming from members throughout the company is one of anger and frustration that over a year of talks has still resulted in a stalemate and offers no protection for real pay levels or the welfare of staff.


To remind you, the full and final offer on both options from the company are as follows:


Option One

·         Year 1 - 2.7% (RPI Feb 2019 +0.2%)

·         Year 2 - 1.4% plus 30 minute reduction in working week (three banked rest days - target implementation date: mid 2020)

·         Year 3 - RPI Feb 2021 +0.2%

·         Year 4 - 1.4% plus further 30 minute reduction in working week (three further banked rest days)


Option Two

·         A four year deal of RPI plus 0.2% in each year with no reduction in working time


The above offers come at a time when prices in London are rocketing and rents are going through the roof and so this represents a squeeze on the workforce whose management do not fully recognise the efforts you are making day in and day out. They also do not recognise that it has been quite a number of years since LU staff have seen a reduction in their contractual hours, while it is widely recognised that the hours and shifts worked by you and your colleagues significantly reduces your life expectancy.


London is a wealthy city and the LU workforce is contributing to that, so such efforts should be reflected in their pay packets and working hours.


It is absolutely essential that you vote in this ballot and that you deliver a massive YES vote for both strike action and action short of a strike. Management should get a huge message that you and your colleagues demand a decent pay offer which also includes a commitment to address the problems of excessive working hours.


I therefore ask that you look out for your voting papers from Friday 6th March 2020 for the ballot which will closes on Tuesday 31st March 2020. If you or any colleague that you know has not received your voting paper by Monday 16thMarch 2020 then please contact the union's freephone Helpline on 0800 376 3706, the switchboard on 020 7387 4771 or email info@rmt.org.uk to request a replacement.




Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary