RMT To Meet With London Underground To Demand Assurances That Driverless Train Plans Will Cease

We note the resolutions from our London Transport Regional Council, and reiterate this union's complete opposition to driverless trains.

The main request of these resolutions – to ballot our test train and potentially other, drivers for industrial action – was dealt with by our decision of 25 September in response to a resolution from our LU Fleet branch.

We further note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd, which states that there are no current plans to test driverless trains. However, we also note reports that LUL continues with research, planning and technological development aimed at removing drivers from its trains; and that subsequent to this letter being sent, Mayor of London Boris Johnson stated at Conservative Party Conference that he will introduce driverless trains. There has also been press reporting on this issue, and debate at the Greater London Assembly.

We instruct the General Secretary to accept LUL’s offer of a meeting, to be attended by the relevant officer and representatives. At this meeting, we will ask for information on LUL’s preparations for driverless trains, and the cost of this; and will demand that these preparations cease. We instruct the General Secretary to also pursue other avenues

A report of this meeting is to be placed in front of us.

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