RMT Jubilee South Branch Meeting - 4 day week and Night Tube update

RMT Jubilee South branch meetings are held on pay day each month, at 1600 in a private room above the Blue Eyed Maid pub in Borough High Street. The closest tube station is London Bridge.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 8th of June.

Functional and Health & Safety Reps will be at our next branch meeting to give important updates and to take questions.

Come along to hear:

  • four day week trial information
  • night Tube updates
  • reports from Trains Functional Council (Industrial) reps
  • reports from Trains Health & Safety Council reps

Please make every effort to attend. The meetings are very friendly and well attended. You can contribute to the meeting if you wish; or come along to hear reports, find out about events and see what reps andactivists are up to.


RMT Jubilee South Branch Meeting