Resolutions Carried At London Transport Regional Meeting October 2012

These resolutions were passed at the October London Transport Regional Council Meeting.

Right to elect workplace representatives - Jubilee South Branch
This branch is disgusted with the attacks being made by management and the devious methods they are using to try not to recognise our rep for Stratford/North Greenwich depots.
Jason Moriarty, elected for this position by members of the branch, has refused to be recognised by LUL, despite him previously being the rep, and having had full recognition.
We believe this is nothing more than an attack on the basic rights of RMT members to elect RMT rep’s. Indeed LUL even have the nerve to tell us who they will recognise as the RMT rep.
We call on the region, and the national union, to defend the basic principle of members electing who they want as their rep, and that RMT take every action necessary to conclude this matter to our satisfaction, which is the recognition of Jason Moriarty as the RMT trainside rep for North Greenwich/Stratford.

There have been developments since this resolution was passed

PMA's - Neasden branch - synopsis
A resolution has already been noted and passed in respect of PMA’s no longer being involved in "any" aspect of disciplinaries and that "disciplinaries" are postponed until a full investigation is carried out ref: official circular no: 437.
A senior manager has given his unequivocal support for this particular PMA and his letter of support is very offensive as PMA’s contributions may contain a "detriment" to an employee and so the following resolution is proposed with regards all PMA’s.
We the branch ask that the General Secretary writes to Management regarding the implementation of the following Resolution:
PMA’s do not attend case conferences
PMA’s do not engage or participate in any grievance procedures
PMA’s are not used by management to mediate or form an opinion on employees
PMA’s credentials are verified (C.I.P.D.) or other, and that their code of conduct is assured and assessed periodically
Prove PMA’s role and if necessary employ independent PMA’s in the interim
There will be an open and honest investigation into all PMA’s contributions, past and present

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Call for Justice For Hillsborough Victims Families - LU Engineering Branch - Synopsis
'That this region rejoices that after so many years of injustice that finally the truth has been revealed about the deaths of those innocent men, women and children that just went to visit a game of football. The web of lies that had been woven to cover the actions of the police have finally been unpicked. The shame on the face of our national game has been lifted.

The spotlight of justice now needs to fall onto those police that were responsible. To this ends, we call on this region to carry on the tradition of pushing the call for justice that comes from the trade union movement by organising an event that brings Trade Union Leaders together with the families and organisations that are pushing for justice for the Hillsborough families.

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Boarding Ramps - Stratford No 1 Branch
Stratford No 1 Branch requests that our Union supports the continuing use of boarding ramps to enable access for mobility impaired passengers to London Undergrounds trains. We insist that this is properly risk assessed and that there always adequate numbers of staff on every station too facilitate use of the ramps

Workers and passengers charter for London - Stratford No 1 Branch

We believe that the RMT should campaign for a positive alternative for London Transport – a workers and a passengers plan- which could include:

  • London Underground to be full integrated, publicly owned and publicly accountable service- reintegrate tube lines, bring contracted services (eg) cleaning, catering, maintenance , back in house
  • Fully staff the system- reverse job cuts in all area's.
  • Large scale public investment to fund new lines , extensions, increased capacity, making the tube fully accessible , and to create jobs and apprenticeships.
  • New technology to be used to compliment staff, improve services, and increase safety – nat as a pretext to cut staff and cut corners
  • Significantly cut fares with open and accessible ticket offices

We ask the Regional Council to ask branches to discuss and submit ideas for the content of this plan to the next regional council meeting: to seek support and input from other trade unions, and from passengers groups and transport campaigners : and when the content is agreed , to produce materials to promote this both around the workplace and to the public