Resolution: BNP Youth Groups

This resolution, submitted by Neasden and seconded by TfL no.1, was carried unanimously by the September meeting of the Regional Council.

Young BNP (YBNP) is a nationalistic youth movement in Great Britain. It is a department of the British National Party (BNP) for young BNP supporters and falls under the arm of the British Nationalist Youth Movement with other groups such as BNP students. The YBNP was previously run as an organisation for 18 to 24 years olds changing in December 2007 when a split in the BNP led to the dismissal of Danny Lake as YBNP Leader. Since then, the Young BNP, under the leadership of Mike Howson, has begun targeting 13 to 18 year olds in an attempt to turn to attract members.

We believe that the YBNP is a tool of the BNP to convert young people to what critics deem as fascist ideology. The formation of the YBNP has resulted in controversy, and critics have charged that the YBNP mirrors the Hitler Youth. The YBNP employs shooting and combat training, which includes how to make Dutch arrows, resulting in further criticism.

It cannot be argued that this is not totally immoral. It is sickening to think that innocent children could be brainwashed with racism and homophobia. Not only will children be indoctrinated with extreme racist propaganda, they will be taught to use guns and knives.

We are all very well aware that the BNP do have the freedom of speech to tell children what they please. However, inciting racial hatred IS a crime. With any right comes responsibility to use it constructively. The BNP have abused their right and neglected their responsibility.

Allowing these groups to go on spreading their message would completely defeat the idea of democracy. If we are truly in favour of promoting a society where ALL are equal, we cannot allow this hatred to spread. We ask the National Young Members Committee and the Council of Executives to work together in fighting the continued introduction of these groups, by building stronger youth groups within our own union and to educate and train them via RMT Learning and Hope not Hate Workshops.