Northern Line Upgrade Training Information

Northern Line Training Latest from Trains Health And Safety Council

Local Reps met with Trains Health and Safety Council and Trains Functional Council representatives and RMT Head Office to formulate RMT concerns over training and delivery of any agreed training.

Training Course: That initial feedback be received in a positive manner to help improve and tailor the course to meet t/ops needs.

Scheduled for Tuesday 2nd Oct....... Update ASAP

Practical Training:

  • That a minimum number of 3 trips in ATO & 3 in RM crossing the migration boundaries in both direction at least twice.
  • Extra support given to any t/op requiring it.
  • A programme devised to assist “Golders” T/ops gain and maintain competence around service demands.
  • That practical training be offered for “Depot working”.
  • Training Lag: That an adequate refresher course be developed with staff sides input to ensure t/ops knowledge is kept up to date. Along side maintaining I/o’s competence during this period of training.
  • Operational Introduction: In line with all new modes of working a bedding in period be acknowledged whereby a common sense approach be adopted regarding operational staff errors

RMT defending T/op’s frameworks

Please feedback to local Depot Reps any thoughts you have. You can alternatively tell us and we'll pass the information on to THSC members.

You can download the original flyer below.