Message to all L1 RMT Reps: Problem Rosters


Most L1 reps will have had my previous email on this subject but I have updated my list so a few of you will be getting this for the first time.

The issue of achieving better roster balance in terms of extreme shifts and weekend rest days was put at the centre of talks about additional jobs.

We now have a published proposal for 325 new jobs. This is testament to the work done by reps and members in delivering our stations strike in January. We must now ensure that the new jobs we’ve won are used to meet the demands of our members.

SFC reps need to know where the biggest problems with roster balance is so that we can look at how successfully (or otherwise) the proposal from LU is addressing the issue.

If you have a particular roster on your cover group, that needs to be addressed because of poor roster balance, please email me and identify the roster and the problem.

If you, as the L1 rep, do not flag up a problem roster now it will be difficult for us to address it later on.