LUL Make their Proposal to Utilise 325 Additional Jobs

At SFC today LU gave us their proposal to utilise the 325 additional jobs agreed as a result of our strike action earlier this year.

An SFC News with some initial thoughts on the proposal will be sent out soon.

We will be spending 4 weeks looking at the plans at SFC level and then rosters will be produced and looked at L1.

We need L1 reps to highlight to us any current CSA1 rosters that you feel have a particular problem with excessive extreme turns or inadequate weekend rest days. We can then look at how the plans will improve these areas. We have asked management to provide us with data to show where they have improved roster balance as the proposal made is not clear on this key issue. Please send any info on this to me and to whichever SFC rep you normally speak with.

Management are making the proposal available on the intranet later today.