London Underground fingered in unfair dismissal case - again

London Underground - fingered again in unfair dismissal case

It is with boring monotony that LUL are continually caught out at Employment Tribunals for unfairly sacking members of their staff

The latest case is James Lambert, a CSA from Stratford whose heinous crimes be honest I am not sure.

He was accused of a racial assault on a security guard.
Found not guilty. In court
He was accused of assault on the security guard
Found not guilty. In court.
LUL sacked James for bringing the company into disrepute.
For being found not guilty? In court.

This is a really shocking case. Not one person at the ET was convinced of LULs stance.
The ET judge indicated to the LUL barrister that reinstatement or re engagement was probably the fairest result and would like that to be taken on board.
The LUL barrister declined.

As a result LUL have to pay out over £24,000.
For sacking someone unfairly?

It can't be right that a publicly funded employer uses our taxpayers money to pay off people they have unfairly dismissed.

We call on the RMT to approach LUL and demand James be reinstated.

The ET is a fair and independent judicial body.
They find you massively at fault.
Can a publicly funded employer really ignore that?