Jubilee Line Ballot For Action - An Explanation

Branch motion
This branch is appalled and outraged at managements plans to run Jubilee line trains through the area north of Bond Street without the safety of tunnel telephone wires to discharge traction current for a period of up to 4 years while tunnel refurbishment work takes place.
We believe that the removal of this piece of safety equipment would place train operators and the travelling public at risk and do not accept the current plan is as low as reasonably practicable. We also believe that if this is allowed to go ahead as management plan they would use this period without tunnel telephones to justify the removal in part or whole from other areas of the combine in the future.
We call for a ballot for action short to facilitate and protect jubilee line train operators refusing to operate trains in passenger service through any part of the tunnels where tunnel telephone wires are not present while these works take place in the event of management not making alternative arrangements acceptable to our members.

RMT Executive Decision:
We note the resolution from our Neasden branch and the support expressed by representatives from Jubilee South branch. We share our branches’ horror at London Underground’s plan to operate trains on the Jubilee Line north of Bond Street without tunnel telephone wires for a period of up to 4 years. Tunnel

We understand ASLEF are to take similar action and welcome the solidarity on this important issue.

telephone wires play an essential safety role, both in facilitating communication and in discharging traction current in an emergency.

We instruct the General Secretary to conduct a ballot of all our Jubilee line driver members for action short of strike action, with a view to drivers taking action including refusing to drive trains in passenger service through tunnel sections without tunnel telephone wires or suitable alternative protection.

Is the RMT trying to stop the work being done?
No. We understand maintenance work has to be done but not at the expense of safety

So what does RMT say should be done instead?
We can accept a small stretch of line having wires removed – or fixed phones a safe distance apart (as already happens on some lines). There is a big difference between having to go the length of the tunnel to get to telephone wires; than to have to walk a few meters.

Can’t we use connect radio instead?
Yes. But what if your battery is flat? What if several people need to make emergency calls at the same time? What if you need to exit your cab quickly due to a fire or other incident?

Management say it’s not likely there’ll be an incident
Thankfully no, but TT wires mean if there is, there’s a quick and safe way to get traction current switched off. Have you ever had a fire in your house? Most likely not but you wouldn’t remove fire alarms on that basis would you? If you’ve never had a car crash would you remove the air bags?