Interserve imposes fundamentally new working practice, doesn't even show workers new contracts


A report has recently been received from the Regional Organiser advising that Interserve Management on the KAD contract have imposed fundamental changes to the terms of our cleaning members. To make matters worse the new arrangements were imposed this Monday while discussions were still at a very early stage without proper consultation with the union being conducted.

We have been advised that Interserve has not followed the correct consultation process for all staff and despite numerous requests hasn’t even given the copies of contracts so they understand what they are supposedly working to. As a result many members are totally uncertain where they stand which leaves the very real risk that they could being disadvantaged and may even be losing out financially. As regards the overall reorganisation our reps believe this is detrimental to night staff as they face cut in staffing levels despite being given more and more work to do.

The whole situation has been reported to the National Executive Committee which has decided to declare a dispute with the company and prepare a ballot matrix of the affected members for industrial action. The necessary preparations for the matrix are currently being completed and the matter will be considered once again by the NEC next week. We have demanded that Interserve call an immediate halt to the imposed working arrangements, and enter urgent discussions with our negotiating team. I will keep branches fully informed of developments.