Information for shielding CEV workers
  • Please download the attached leaflet to get all the latest information and advice from your union, RMT.

Following the companies recent response to RMT reps raising concerns about CEV and CV staff returning to the workplace, your regional organiser has written to the company making it clear that we reject their position and believe it is unsafe.

“Risk assessments can only be effective if they are carried out before the commencement of the task/ activity or work. It is is essential that any CEV member of staff who that applies to, needs to remain safe and away from work until all parties are satisfied it is safe to return. That cannot be with loss of pay.” - Regional Organiser John Leach in writing to LUL Director of Customer Operations, sent 2nd April

It has been and will always be, unacceptable to withhold earnings on this basis alongside any threat of disciplinary action regarding social distancing. This appears to have made its way into the wording of the latest management guidance and our industrial reps are robustly challenging this.

We also disagree with the company that it is only those with a Covid age of 85+ that there should be any concerns about, as implied in an email to our Regional Organiser: “Only if a person has a COVID age of 85+ should there be any concerns and in any case with steps put in place by a workplace risk assessment, even people in this category could return.” - LUL Director of Customer Operations writing to John Leach, 1st April

We share the companies concerns that those who have been away from the workplace long term, face immense challenges in returning. And where it is safe to do so, it must be done with the utmost support. We do not believe rushing people back to the workplace is putting our members safety first.

If you are a member of staff being returned to the workplace following shielding, please speak to your local rep as soon as you can. We are here to help you and want to make sure your safety is put first.