Hammersmith & City Branch- Local Elections Voting Now Open!


Following the Hammersmith & City Branch AGM, Branch voting is now open for 24 hours for the following positions:

  • Stations Health & Safety

Edgware Road (C&H), Paddington (Main and Suburban), Bayswater, GPS, Euston Square


  • Trains Health & Safety

Edgware Road Train-Crew Depot


The candidates for the Stations election are:

Stanley Fernandez, Station Supervisor- Paddington

David Kasim, Station Supervisor- Paddington


The candidates for the Trains election are:

Tony Collins, Driver- Edgware Road

John Russell, Instructor- Edgware Road


Election statements for all candidates are available to view by clicking the relevant link on this page (Under 'File attachments' to the left)



We politely remind Branch Members who are particularly of a different employer or grade, and those based at locations OUTSIDE of the ones for which the vote is taking place, that the members working in this grade/location are electing their new local representative, and to PLEASE be considerate of that. 

Branch Members of course do not have to vote in this election, if they feel it does not affect them or do not have any preference for example. 

However all Branch Members are eligible to vote should they wish to do so. 



1. Stations H&S- https://forms.gle/XoGwG83fMWv9VBbD7

2. Trains (Edgware Road) H&S- https://forms.gle/idcBe7cf4RVhRN5W9