Demo to defend the London Bridge 3 - April 3 0800 - 0930 London Bridge Station

Demo to support the London Bridge 3

London Bridge Station April 3 0800 - 0930

London Underground senior managers are seeking to lie and mislead the public over the events surrounding the punitive disciplinary sanctions handed down to the London Bridge 3.

Their colleague, who was pregnant, was assaulted by a fare eveader on November 16.

She requested assistance via connect radio and this has been confirmed by the CSS who took the radio call.

London Underground are lying when they say this CSA was not assaulted.

The RMT have documentary evidence that supports these facts.

3 CDI panels, the Jubilee Performance manager and even the AMS who conducted the fact fine all agree :

Kirsty Watts was assaulted by the fare evader at 1309:39 

The RMT are balloting members at London Bridge and Waterloo for strike action and action short of strike.

We will be holding regular demonstrations at London Underground stations during the balloting period.

Our message to LUL is clear.

Reinstate Lee Cornell and withdraw the punitive sanctions against the other 2.

Solidarity wins.