Defend the London Bridge 3

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Responding to a radio call to assist a colleague is now a sackable offence

3 CSAs at London Bridge have been sent to CDI following an incident with a fare evader in November 2016

The fare evader assaulted 3 members of staff, one was pregnant. 
She was pushed in her stomach.
Those who assisted were sent to disciplinary hearings.

This evader also  punched a CSA twice in the head and stole a pair of glasses from him. The fare evader was let go by LUL managers.
"LUL will actively and robustly pursue anyone who assaults a member of our staff."

Despite assurances and a commitment to pursue any staff assault rigorously and robusta ly.

LUL declined to comment on why this never happened.
They actually were content to allow members of staff to be assaulted.
Their view was that we should accept abuse, violence and assault.
If we are under attack - do not respond. Cross your arms across your chest and hope you don't die.
If your colleagues are under attack - do not attempt to prevent physical assault- stand back, get the iPad out and report via a WASAP app.

Instead, they focused in minute detail what staff had done and held those staff members to task, irrespective of how the incident escalated.

They have sacked Lee Cornell. Saed Souissi got a suspended dismissal for defusing the situation.
Dave Sharp a 52 final warning for asking if a
customer had a ticket

'Cross your arms and hope you don't die'


Lee Cornell is a CSA at LOB who was punched twice and whose glasses were stolen. 
Tube worker sacked after stepping in to stop fare-dodger who pushed a pregnant colleague in the stomach
He was sacked by LU for preventing himself being hit and for getting his property back.
LUL have summarily dismissed him.

LUL have stated Lee was at fault for trying to help his colleagues on the gate line at London Bridge.
One is a pregnant member of staff.

He was punched in the head.
He had his glasses stolen.

He reacted to retrieve his property.
He was never once out of control.

Lee is a well known, well liked CSA with a fantastic attitude and work record.

His own AMS wants him back.
His colleagues want him back.

The RMT want him back.We are prepared to back our demands with industrial action.



Saeed Siuossi is a CSA at London Bridge, given a suspended dismissal for defusing the situation on no less than 3 occasions. 

The fare evader wanted to punch and head butt other members of staff. But not Saed.

LU said he should have reported the incident on his iPad and watch his colleagues be assaulted.

LUL agreed Saed was trying to defuse the situation.On no less than 3 occasions.

The fare evader, who had tried to assault any other member of staff who came near him, at no time demonstrated an aggressive attitude towards Saed.
For defusing the situation and preventing escalation, Saed was handed down a dismissal, suspended for 12 months.

LU were unable to provide any evidence that Saed had acted aggressively.
Their sole reason for dismissal was that Saed " appeared to push the customer"He didn't. 

LUL were unable to point at any CCTV that suggested Saed had acted in anyway other than professional.


Dave Sharp has been accused of " inciting or provoking an incident"

Dave asked a customer if they had touched in with an oyster/card or had a ticket.

Dave was subjected to a tirade of abuse and threats.
The fare evader pushed Dave and ran into a pregnant colleague and pushed her in her stomach.

Dave ushered the fare evader  gate line and radioed for assistance.

LUL have deemed this aggressive and inappropriate behaviour contrary to the code of conduct.They issued a 52 week final warning.

Senior reps have stated this is the worst case of punitive discipline they have ever seen.

The fact the work place violence forum agree staff are entitled to take reasonable steps to protect themselves and their property were disregarded. 

The chair of the one of the CDI panels sit on the same work place violence forum.

The RMT have withdrawn from the work place violence forum in protest at the disgraceful way our members have been treated.

Until LUL take the threat and issues surrounding workplace violence seriously the RMT will decline from involvement.

Failure to deliver justice to the London Bridge 3 will result in Industrial action.

Every RMT member stands shoulder to shoulder with Lee Cornell, Dave Sharp and Saed Sioissi


Ballot papers will be despatched shortly.
Vote yes for Industrial action. Vote yes for action short of.

Solidarity wins