Part time workers –not 2nd class citizens

The fit for the future(sic) plan LUL have for us all mean we all have to trot off to Ashfield House for an indoctrination process – training exercise ( *delete as appropriate)
Fine. They pay us. We go. We listen. We believe.
In their time. In the hours they expect us to roll up for work as per our contract.

The latest, sensitive approach from LUL is to dictate to part time workers they must attend full time courses, irrespective of commitments outside the world of LUL, be it childcare, elderly relatives or voluntary community work.

When a PT worker raised the issue that they couldn’t attend due to commitments, but offered an alternative date(s) the response from LUL was draconian and intimidating.
Fact finder followed by immediate suspension.
For attending work when your employment contract states you should.
For putting your family before the employer?

There are hundreds and hundreds of PT workers – if LUL persist in this belligerent stance the RMT will respond in a similar fashion
Our belligerence tends to shut London transport down – an injury to one is an injury to all, its not just a slogan, it’s our core belief.