Black and ethnic minority members

Black and ethnic minority RMT members are organising for equality and against racism. 



RMT Exposes Full Impact Of Tube Cuts On Women, Older And Disabled People And The BAME Community

RMT exposes full impact of tube cuts on women, older and disabled people and the BAME community

As the tube action enters its third day, with continuing rock solid support, RMT has revealed that London Underground's own assessment of the impact of its proposals on passengers raises concerns that the cuts will have a seriously adverse impact on women, older and disabled people and the BAME community,

The revelations come as RMT General Secretary Bob Crow joins a protest by disabled workers against the tube cuts on Thursday 6th February at 2.30pm at Tottenham Court Road tube station.

RMT Decisions On Equality Matters

Domestic Violence Policy
Further to Decision No.CEWW, 23rd July 2013, the Equal Rights Sub-Committee submits the following report:

“That the General Secretary is instructed to raise this item with all the Regional Organisers who we have meetings with over the month of August 2013 and have a further update at the September Statutory meeting. Finally, the General Secretary to write to all other unions we share collective bargaining with and send them a copy of the policy for their consideration.

Sexual Violence Against Female Employees

Reparation Conference & Demo 2013

FRIDAY: 23rd August 2013
1100 – 2100hrs Bernie Grant Centre
TOTTENHAM LONDON N15 4RX: Nearest Tube Seven Sisters
Arnold Tjihuiko of Namibia

South West Africa, as Namibia was once known, was the testing ground for Nazi Germany first Concentration camp where millions were murdered. We say ...

On Thursday 22nd August, 1830 at Downing Street the first reparation demo will be held as part of the Annual Reparation Conference, which is backed by the RMT and other unions.