Members Feedback Wanted On Equalities Impact of Tube Job Cut Plan

A group of union reps are examining the impact of London Underground Ltd’s proposals for Fit for the Future – Stations on equality groups including women members, black and ethnic minority members, lesbian/gay/bi/trans members, disabled members, older members (55+) and younger members (under 30).

We would like to hear from members about any concerns and opinions you have about the way you think the proposals will impact on you and your workmates.

For example you could send us:

  • stories of assaults or incident(s) you may have experienced in your workplace, eg. incidents occurring as a result of lone working
  • examples of flexible working agreements or childcare arrangements that you feel may be at risk
  • concerns because you currently have reasonable adjustments as a result of a disability, or you are medically restricted
  • any way in which you believe that the company's proposals may widen inequalities or disadvantage particular groups

Please e-mail in confidence to: equalities [at]

To read information and articles about equalities issues for members in all companies, please click here: