Mordern & Oval Branch Newsletter: A Tribute To Bob Crow

Morden Oval Branch News pays tribute to RMT General Secretary Bob Crow who passed away recently.

On Tuesday March 11th 2014, the sad news reached us that Bob Crow; leader of the National Union of Railway, Maritime and Transport workers had died of a heart attack. It was shocking news. Many of us who knew or had met Bob, appreciated he was much more than the portrayal the right wing press and it’s counterparts loved to vilify. Bob was amicable, modest and highly approachable to anyone who wanted a word with him.

As the leader of RMT union, he was a tireless, hardworking and tough negotiator. Always defending his members and often facing the media backlash as a consequence. Father of four, Bob was only aged 52 years old when he died. Three days later, more bad news followed when imminent socialist and former Labour MP Tony Benn also died.

Two working class heroes’ who spent a lifetime speaking out against the establishment, were now gone. It is a sad, sad loss for the left. It is our duty to uphold their principles and continue the legacy these giants set.

The newsletter also has news including:

  • Britain’s left has lost two of it’s greatest trade unionists,
  • Branch members speak at Pan African Society Community Forum
  • Cuba Solidarity Garden Party

Morden Oval Branch News Bob Crow Edition

MOB News Bob Crow Edition