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News, reports and information for RMT members who for advertising poster company CBS Outdoor

Exterion Media members Welcome Pay Rise Deal


In line with Union Policy, a pay claim for an increase in pay and improved terms and conditions has been submitted. The Regional Organiser has met with the company and the following offer has been tabled:-

  • A 2% increase backdated to 1st April 2014, no strings attached.

Tube Power Strike Suspended


I write to advise you that following further negotiations with the company at ACAS, your Executive Committee has decided to suspend all industrial action that was due to commence tomorrow 24th May 2014. Therefore all members are instructed to work normally .

Sale of CBS Outdoor

We note the information on file regarding the history of the ownership of this contract. This shows the succession of private companies which have profited from this area of work only to dispose of it once they lose interest. This reaffirms our view that contracting-out should be ended and all Transport for London activities returned to direct TfL control.

RMT Seeks Urgent Meeting As Doubleplay Take Over Tube Advertising Contract

We note the correspondence and instruct the Regional Organiser to seek an urgent meeting with Doubleplay LU Ltd to confirm our members' situation and seek improvements to their pay and conditions.

We further instruct the General Secretary to obtain and place in front of us briefing notes on Platinum Equity and Doubleplay LU Ltd; and a timeline of ownership of this contract since advertisement posting was privatised.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

Bring CBS Outdoor Back 'In House'

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd regarding CBS’s sale of its international outdoor advertising business. We continue to pursue our view that all London Underground work should be brought in-house, and instruct the General Secretary to table this for discussion at the next London Underground Briefing Forum. We further instruct the General Secretary to place this matter back in front of us when the name of the new owner of the CBS Outdoor contract is announced.

London Transport Regional Council and Camden 3 branch to be advised.

CBS Outdoor Bargaining Agreement

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and note that our branch is discussing with our representatives a proposed draft bargaining agreement. In line with our Decision No.G309, 23 February 2012, the completed draft is to be placed in front of the GGC.

London Transport Regional Council and Camden 3 branch to be advised.

CBS Outdoor Members To Be Balloted For Strike Action Following Derisory Pay Offer

That we note the offer from CBS Outdoor of a 1.5% pay rise and a £500 Olympics bonus.

We support our Regional Organiser’s view that this offer is derisory and comes nowhere near meeting our aspirations. We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

  • Immediately conduct a ballot of all our CBS Outdoor members for strike action andaction short of strike

RMT to Propose Confirmation of Bargaining Agreement with CBS Outdoor

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the report from our Regional Organiser. We instruct the General Secretary to arrange for the production of a draft bargaining agreement between RMT and CBS Outdoor which is based on current practice and is acceptable to our Regional Organiser. This draft to be placed in front of us before submission to the company.