Economic crisis / fighting public service cuts

RMT Marches with Students

RMT members joined other trade unionists and students in marching through London today to protest against rises in tuition fees, cuts in education funding, and the scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

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TfL Free Travel To Be Provided By - Get a Loan at 2689% APR

TfL have accepted as sponsors of free travel on New Year's Eve.

Wonga is a 'pay day loan' company with a typical APR of 2689%. If you were to borrow a fiver from them for one day - enough to cover a single journey on the tube, you'd owe them £10.60.

For many Londoner's, these loans may seem to be the only way to access funds, more so as decent jobs are cut and employee rights eroded following the ConDem goverments and bosses attacks on working class people - as can be seen at LU where 800 positions will be cut.

Conference: Fight Public Sector Cuts

11:30am – 4:00pm
South Camden Community School (By Euston Station)
Charrington Street, London NW1 1RG
All anti-cuts campaigns, trade union branches, trades councils and workplace organisations are invited to send delegates and visitors.

Organised by the National Shop Stewards' Network. Leaflet attached.

VIDEO: RMT Joins The Fight Against Student Fees

RMT activists joined students and university unions in their protest outside parliament as MPs debated increasing university tuition fees to £9,000 per year. Later, the House of Commons backed the Con-Dem government's proposals by just 323 votes to 302 with a total of 27 Tory and Lib-Dem MPs voting against the government. Students and their supporters have pledged to fight on. Build for the mass anti-cuts demonstration called by the TUC for March 26, 2011. Video filmed and edited by Chris Kasrils.

Resolution - Education: fees and cuts

This resolution, composited from resolutions submitted by Stratford no.1 branch and LU Fleet branch, was carried unanimously by the January meeting of the Regional Council:

Education: fees and cuts

1. This union deplores the ConDem government's action in voting to cut university funding, treble tuition fees and scrap the Education Maintenance Allowace (EMA).

2. We believe that this move will deter working-class people from continuing education, leaving it as a privilege for the few who can afford to pay to study.

RMT Says No to Fees and Cuts!

RMT's London Transport Regional Council is out demonstrating with students and others today against government plans to charge exhobitant tuition fees and cut funding to further and higher education. We believe that our colleges and universities should be accessible to all, not just to the few who can afford to pay for it.

Poster: The Two-Faced Twins?

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Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a poster supporting both our campaign against job cuts and students' campaign against fees and cuts. The poster highlights Nick Clegg's pre-election pledge to vote against fee rises and Boris Johnson's pre-election pledge to oppose ticket office cuts and closures, and lists several ways in which people can support the campaigns.

Students and London Underground Workers: Statement of Mutual Solidarity

We the undersigned representatives of student campaigners and London Underground workers wish to publicly state our support for each others' current struggles against funding cuts, tuition fees and Tube staffing cuts.

We are fighting to defend two essential public services - education and transport - which we believe should be publicly-provided, fully funded and accessible to all. Both services face intense attack under a government hellbent on vicious public sector cuts.