Economic crisis / fighting public service cuts

London Assembly Tories' Plan For The Tube Without Train Drivers

The Conservative group on the London Assembly have sent a memo to Mayor Boris Johnson detailing how they believe an underground system without drivers would provide a world class mass transit system.

The conservative group believe the underground would be better with an increased number of faster trains, more customers but less staff (sound familiar?). They claim that the acquisition of Tube Lines by London Underground is the perfect time to ditch drivers.

Government Attack On Transport Budgets means Crossrail, High Speed, Electrification And Tube Upgrades Under Threat

With the new ConDem government kicking off its cuts programme today, transport union RMT warned this morning that key transport projects, including Crossrail, High Speed rail, electrification and the Tube upgrades, are all at risk of being scrapped, scaled back or kicked into the long grass with the union forecasting that the national transport budget could be hacked back by up to 27%.

RMT Demands Assurance That Transport Projects Will Not fall Victim To Government Cuts

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today demanded concrete assurances from the government that crucial transport infra-structure projects will not fall victim to the cuts programme amid warnings today that key pledges, like High Speed Rail, could be kicked into the long grass.

In the ConDem coalitions programme document they talk about a commitment to a national high speed rail network but with the heavy duty caveat of “financial constraints” thrown into the mix as a drag weight on progress of the scheme which already lags behind much of Europe.

TfL Spends £7.8 Million On Five Buses, Whilst LU Dumps 800 Staff

TfL have spent £7.8 million pounds of a budget allocation of £15 million, to find a replacement for the Routemaster bus which was scrapped by the previous London Mayor Ken Livingstone, as it was inaccesible to many people.

This is at a time when 800 staff are being cut at LUL in a drive for ‘efficiency'.

Does the Economic Crisis Mean that Employers "Have To" Cut Jobs?

Both London Underground and Tube Lines - and, no doubt, many other companies - will tell us that they "have to" cut jobs because of the economic crisis. But a look at London Underground's history shows that this is not just untrue - it is the opposite of the truth.

London Underground began in 1863, when private companies starting opening lines. By the 1920s, the Underground had expanded into a web of lines beneath London, run by several different private companies.

RMT Organise Conference On Crisis in Working Class Political Representation

In an important initiative aimed at shifting the political debate away from the cuts and pro-business agenda of the three main parties, transport union RMT is convening a conference on the “Crisis in Working Class Representation” in London on Saturday, 7th November 2009.

The People's Charter

Update: A 'Charter Convention' is being held in Camden on Saturday 21st November, Bob Crow among others will be speaking. Details here.

I just signed up to The People's Charter. A charter laying out a vision of what I would describe to be a fairer Britain. The charter lays out a number of aims. These include tight regulation of the banking sector and fairer taxation in order to ensure wealth is distributed more fairly, decent homes for all, renationalisation of key services such as transport, water and energy and other key areas where intervention could close the wealth gap in society and ensure everyone has a decent standard of living.