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Letter To Tube Lines Members Regarding Industrial Action On Pensions & Passes Dispute

From General Secretary Bob Crow

I refer to my previous letter of 28th September 2012 in support of Tube Line members’ demands for equal pension and travel benefits. As you will recall the RMT General Grades Committee requested support for an overtime ban over the weekend of 5 th to 8th October 2012. I am pleased to inform you that this action was well observed by RMT members.

So that our members’ demands are met in full the General Grades Committee has considered further action and request that you support the following action:

Bob Crow Explains Tube Lines Pensions And Travel Concessions Dispute As Members Take Industrial Action

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

I write to regarding those Tube Lines employees who are being denied access to TfL Pension Fund (TfLPF) and the same travel facilities as other TfL workers. As you will be aware earlier this year union members employed by Tube Lines were balloted for pension and travel equality and as a result returned a massive yes vote in support of industrial action.

it is clear that management are not going to move on pensions or address the claim in full on travel. I therefore wish to inform you that with effect from 17.30 hours Friday 5th October 2012 until 05.30 hours Monday 8th October 2012 that the RMT General Grades Committee has instructed Tube Lines members not to work any overtime.

Tube Lines RMT Representatives Call For Further Industrial Action In Pension Dispute

We note the failure of the Joint Working Party to achieve our demands of pensions and travel equality, and the desire of our representatives to take further industrial action. This is in line with our previous decision of 27 July to call targeted, serious, sustained, effective and strategically-planned action, in pursuit of this dispute. Should Tube Lines continue to refuse our entirely justified demands, we are prepared to take further industrial action and to continue this campaign until we are successful.

Tube Lines Pensions Dispute Continues

We note the report from our lead officer and the views of our representatives that there is strong support to take action in pursuit of this dispute following the Olympics. In line with these views, we intend to call targeted, serious, sustained, effective and strategically-planned action, to include both strikes and action short of strike.

RMT Calls For Disinvestment By London Transport Pension Fund From Semperian PPP/PFI Outfit

REPRESENTATIVES OF tube union RMT on the London Transport pension fund have called for disinvestment from Semperian PPP after it emerged that one of their subcontractors on the Great Western Hospital PFI contract in Swindon, Carillion, has been involved in a long-running dispute with sister union GMB over racial abuse, bullying and extortion.

Pay, Pensions & Olympic Bonus For Telent MJ Quinn Members At London Underground Discussed With Bosses

No member had received an inflationary based increase despite the fact that the company is in profit

Senior Assistant General Secretary, Mick Cash, and other representatives from this union met with Telent on 12th June 2012 to address your union’s ongoing concerns.

Railway Pension Scheme
Your union would like to reduce the amount that members must pay towards their pensions and have asked the company to assist in this endeavour by putting in a lump sum.

TUC Mass Demonstration – 20th October

The TUC is organising a mass demonstration in London under the banner of “A future that works” on October 20th this year. RMT will be participating fully in this mobilization, as part of our wider strategy of opposing the cuts.

It is essential that the RMT contingent is as large as possible in order to demonstrate the seriousness of our opposition to Government plans to slash jobs, pay, terms and conditions, employment rights, and pensions alongside the services we all use.

Tube Lines To Issue Free Travel Passes To All Staff Following 72 Hour RMT Strike

We note the report from our Regional Organiser that at a meeting yesterday, Tube Lines offered the following:

  • Tube Lines would start immediately to issue staff Oyster cards to all staff and also
    issue staff nominee passes in line with those issued to LUL staff.
  • A joint working party would be set up to look at the rates of pay, terms and conditions,
    pensions and 75% reduction on mainline railways between Tube Lines and APD.