Defending and extending your pension rights

Fleet Branch calls for renewed push for pension parity with London Underground for former Tube Lines workers

Please find below a resolution submitted by the LU Fleet Branch:

This branch notes that it has now been 10 months since any meaningful discussions regarding the issue of TFL pensions for Tube Lines staff and ex Tube Lines staff who have TUPE transferred to TFL/LUL. Discussions were put on hold so that talks regarding Night Tube could take place.

TfL pension fund – non pensionable pay awards

The following resolution has been received from the TfL No.1 Branch:

“TfL No. 1 Branch are concerned that as a result of TfL/LUL managements decision to award certain layers of staff with pay for performance pay increases, union members are seeing their future pension benefits eroded.

We request that the General Secretary carries out a proper investigation into this position as a matter of urgency so that future pay and conditions negotiations see pay increases linked to basic pay and not awards of one off lump sum payments.

RMT To Continue Campaign Against TfL Pay Offer

TfL logo and building



As you will be aware, TfL members have been in dispute with the Company and taking on going industrial action short of strike action (see Circular No. IR/236/15, 1st October 2015 “Pay for Performance, Defend your Pensionable Pay – Transport for London”).

However in the meantime, the Company advised us of the following arrangements in respect of the 2013/14 pay review:-

·         There will not be a salary increase for 2013/14.

TfL Pensions Consultative Committee Elections - RMT preferred candidates

Dear Colleagues,



TfL Pension Fund members are now receiving a ballot paper asking them to vote for candidates in the Section Three (LUL & Tube Lines employees) PCC election.

RMT members Paul O’Brien and Paul Murphy are standing for re-election and have been nominated by the London Transport Regional Council as their preferred candidates.

Support The July 10th Fightback

A number of unions have called industrial action to take place on Thursday 10th July. Public sector workers are protesting the imposition of a 1% pay rise – which would represent yet another year where their living standards decline (taking into account inflation).

Irrespective of whether the UK economy is in a sound position, the country is already and is predicted to continue registering growth. And workers must take their share – as many are expected to do.

TfL Members To Hold Pay & Pensions Strike On July 10th

Transport for London staff join July 10th strike action in fight over attack on pay and pensions
RMT members at Transport for London will be taking a further 24 hours of joint strike action from this Thursday morning, coinciding with widespread national industrial action in the public sector, in a dispute over an all-out attack on pay and pensions that would condemn to staff to a life of poverty in retirement.

Members have been instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:-

  • 05.59 hours Thursday 10th July 2014 and 05.58 hours Friday 11th July 2014.

Further TfL Strike In Pensions Dispute

Firstly I wish to thank you for your solid support for your union on the last strike day. Despite this magnificent show of solidarity the company continue to refuse to address our concerns. Their plans for pay freezes and cuts to your pension rights are part of a concerted attack on your terms and conditions. Together with our sister unions Unite and TSSA a further strike day has been called to force management back to the negotiating table and reverse their disgraceful plans which would do the following: -

14 Day Tube Power Strike Called



Further to my recent letter, you will be well aware that talks have failed to reach agreement with the company. Last week I informed you of the initial strike called to begin from 1st July 2014 and this instruction has now been extended. To confirm, the union’s strike instruction is now as follows: -

Members are instructed no to book on for any shifts between:-

• 20:00 hours on Tuesday 1st July 2014 and 19:59 hours on Tuesday 15th July 2014.

RMT, Unite & TSSA In Further Joint Strike At TfL

Further to my last letter I regret to advise you that there has been no progress in our discussions with management despite the solid strike action that took place last month. It has therefore been decided by your General Grades Committee, in coordination with our sister unions Unite and TSSA, to call further joint industrial action in our dispute to defend pensionable pay.

All Transport for London members are therefore instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:-

• 05.59 hours Friday 13th June 2014 and 05.58 hours Saturday 14th June 2014.