RMT Enters Dispute Jointly With ASLEF Following Driverless Train Staff Bulletin

This General Grades Committee is outraged at London Underground’s ‘employee bulletin’, dated 19 February 2014, announcing the imminent commissioning of driverless/cabless trains for the Piccadilly, Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City Lines. Not only has there been no consultation at any level with this trade union on the matter, but this announcement, outside normal negotiation channels, also goes against the written commitment from LU Director of Employee Relations, Mr Gerry Duffy on 29 October 2013 to hold a meeting with RMT representatives to discuss this issue.

We reaffirm our position that every train must have a driver to ensure the safe and effective running of the Underground. We believe that the travelling public also strongly want a driver on the front of the train for their own safety and security. Furthermore this General Grades Committee believes that this announcement is not only a reckless direct attack to the safety culture on London Underground but is also an attack to the train driver grade as a whole. This trade union will fight to defend the train driver grade on London Underground! We demand a cab at the front of every train; a train driver on the front!

"We agree to immediately enter into dispute with London Underground on this issue."

This General Grades Committee wholeheartedly takes the position that in order to defend safe working on the Tube and the train driver grade that this issue must be fought at the commissioning stage. We believe that it will be too late to do anything about this issue once these trains are being delivered on the combine.

We agree to immediately enter into dispute with London Underground on this issue. This GGC is also aware that the ASLEF AAD have a decision to go into dispute over this matter. We therefore instruct the General Secretary to arrange an urgent meeting with ASLEF to seek and agree a common united stance to defend safety on London Underground and the train driver grade. This meeting to look at holding a joint RMT / ASLEF London tube train drivers meeting/rally to kick-start an industrial campaign. We also instruct the General Secretary to continue to alert the public to the dangers of driverless trains through our own offices and jointly with our sister trade unions through Action For Rail.

We agree to write to all our LU train driver members informing them of the unions position.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.