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London Overground Revenue Protection Inspectors

A very important department for London Overground. Why? The most mobile unit, we do so much and ask so little in return!

RPIs help save revenue for LOROL, in terms of millions of pounds in fines, work our guts out to make sure ticketless travel is lower than the expected 5%. And guess what? It only took 19 of us to do it!

We are strong by heart and professional by work, willing to go the extra mile, give the best customer service, and treat offenders the right way. We are what we do. The figures tell the truth.

NEW! Newsletter for London Overground Members

newsletterClick '1 attachment' / file name to download the all-new RMT newsletter for staff working on London Overground, written by London Overground reps and produced by the London Transport Regional Council.

This first issue explains the new pension arrangement on the company, asks for members' views about the upcoming pay claim, and reports on other issues, including Dashboard and Revenue Protection.

London Overground: New Pension Arrangement Explained

overground logoLondon Overground is changing the way employees pay contributions into its pension system (the RPS) by introducing an arrangement known as ‘salary sacrifice’. Under the old system, you were paid your salary with your pension contribution deducted from it. Under this new system, your salary is reduced by the amount of the pension contribution and the employer pays your contribution direct to the fund. What’s the difference?

London Overground workers organise with London Transport workmates

RMT members on London Overground have become part of the union's London Transport region, enabling workers across Transport for London's various companies to unite to improve our working lives.

Reps have already met with the Regional Council Secretary and Regional Organiser, and are planning activities including a newsletter, webpage and recruitment day. London Overground workers are concerned about many issues, including pensions, pay and facilities at stations.

Resolution: Affiliation of Branches with London Overground Members

The following resolution, submitted by the Regional Council Executive, was passed unanimously by the August meeting of the Regional Council.

This union believes that:

1. London Overground is now under the auspices of Transport for London.

2. We need to campaign effectively for improved pay and conditions across TfL and its subsidiaries / franchisees, and for the reintegration of London's transport into a single publicly-owned body.

3. We will be most effective in doing this if London Overground RMT members are working closely with members in the rest of London Transport

Resolution: Reverse Privatisation

This resolution, submitted by LU Fleet and Piccadilly & District West branches, was passed unanimously at the July meeting of the Regional Council.

The RMT has always taken a firm stand against privatisation and contracting out of work. We should step up our campaign for all infrastructure work, cleaning, catering and other work associated with London Underground to be integrated into LUL and the staff currently employed taken in house on LU pay and conditions.

General Secretary's Report - London Overground

This is the section of the General Secretary's report to the 2009 AGM concerning London Overground ...

Members Workplace Conditions, Welfare & Pay - London Overground Rail Operations Ltd

As a result of LOROL's persistent refusal to negotiate restructuring proposals with the Lead Officer and Company Council Representatives, their failure to improve facilities and progress on welfare issues and a complete breakdown in industrial relations, we balloted all LOROL members for industrial action.

Major Pay Victory on London Overground

RMT press release, issued today ...

Workers on London Overground are to receive a 20% average increase in wages after the successful conclusion of negotiations with the RMT.

RMT members had given their negotiators a massive 10-1 mandate for strike action in the run up to the talks which was a clear reflection of their anger over feeling unrewarded and undervalued for many years.

London Overground Pay & Conditions Referendum

RMT Circular No IR.107/09


Further to my circular IR95/09 dated 19th March 2009, I can advise you that the General Grades Committee today took the following decision:-

“That we note the enhanced terms in the latest offer from LOROL and that a mass meeting of our members indicated support for acceptance.

We instruct the General Secretary to commence a referendum of our members with a recommendation to vote “yes” to accept the offer.