RMT Wins 50 Permanent Jobs For Cleaners

RMT campaigning has forced cleaning company Interserve to commit to hiring 50 AGS agency cleaners on permanent contracts across London Underground by the end of April 2015.

This shows that union campaigning gets results. Our exposure of AGS’s exploitative practises, such as forcing workers to register as “self-employed”, is putting pressure on Interserve. Let’s keep up the fight and win more permanent contracts for cleaners.

Agency “disguised Employees” – London Underground

A resolution was recently received from Jubilee South Branch regarding the above and this matter has been considered by the General Grades Committee, which has taken the decision to investigate the use of “disguised employees” by Interserve and other companies in TfL/LUL (reference LUL Engineers Charter and article by GS in January RMT News ‘Fighting Casualisation’) and to produce a report on this worrying pract

RMT Launch Fightback Against Interserve As Reps Sacked, Staff Mistreated, And Pay Inadequate


Further to my previous Circular (IR/303/14, 17th November 2014), members will recall that we advised the Company that a dispute situation existed over the mistreatment of staff and abuse of power by supervisors and management, non-payment of wages, and attacks on trade union reps and activists. The RMT Reps then commenced the task of checking and updating member’s details as necessary for a ballot for industrial action.

RMT Appaled As Police Remove Rep From Depot At Bosses Request

To all London Transport Regional Activists
5th December 2014
Dear Colleagues

Message from John Leach, Regional Organiser
Interserve Dispute – RMT Reps Under Attack

Dear Colleagues

Members will be aware that on 12th November, RMT announced its fight back against injustices on Interserve. Please see the attached press release we put out last month.

Interserve's Culture Of Bullying Leads To RMT Strike Ballot


Since Interserve took over the contract from Initial, things have seriously deteriorated for members. Your Union met with senior management on 5th November where we outlined a significant number of problems with the way they are dealing with their employees.

Mistreatment of Staff and Abuse of Power by Supervisors and Management