Posters and notices

Material for you to print and put on workplace union noticeboards

Fighting Homophobia RMT Poster

Please find enclosed some copies of the Fighting Homophobia poster. A wrist band has been produced to accompany the campaign and a couple are also enclosed.

This opportunity can be taken to remind all members that an object of the Union is “to oppose actively all forms of harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination”. The poster provides a simple symbol for our zero tolerance to discrimination.

Communications Course

Learn the skills you need to make yourself heard within the RMT. Your voice is important. Use effective communication to make a difference and shape the future of your union.

The week long course will cover the following subjects:

  • How important is communication in the union?
  • What is the union’s message and how is it communicated to the members?
  • How important is my voice in the union and how can I be heard?

Celebrating our Victories- defending our members

The Past we Inherit the Future we Build.- celebrating successful disputes

With the attacks to our terms and conditions its important to remember what we have inherited through members sticking together. A tried and tested stratergy which works.

Attached are some materials for your consideration and circulation in this special week.