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Every Journey Matters, but Not Every job

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It is an indication of the way things are that the most important issue in this SFC News is about something management will not discuss at Functional Council.
Once again we have asked LU to come clean and tell members what their plans are for our stations. Vauxhall has now been added to the list of stations that will be refurbished and re-opened without a ticket office. Management refuse to say which other stations, or even how many will lose their ticket offices.

MATS Newsletter May 2013

Admin CDI Note Taking
On Tuesday May 14th the Reps attended a MATS Functional Council meeting. The RMT was the union that put this on the agenda. At the meeting we were able to highlight the pressing issues around CDI note taking. The Reps pointed out how Admin were being told they had to take part in the pilot scheme and we insisted that this was voluntary and was not part of your role or job description.

Piccadilly Line News – Dispute Special

Management throw policies and agreements out of the window as the RMT takes a stand for drivers.

The issues…

Following months of turning the screw on members who are sick or make mistakes at work, the “new style” management thought that we would just lie down and take it. The latest insult resulted in duty sheets being produced that attempted to rob the members at the west end of the line of 5 minutes booking on time. As soon as management got wind that this was going to unite the line against them, a new set of sheets were produced that adhered to agreements. As if by magic! This is the thin end of the wedge. Management clearly want to cut your union out and do as they please. If this is allowed to continue you will very soon come to work in fear of your job.

j33 April 2013 Newsletter. Support Us! Strenghten Yourselves!

Attached is the latest newsletter giving background information on the treatment of the 33, of how LU are ripping up agreements and why all grades on London Underground should be balloted and vote yes.

The J33 are available to visit branches and workplaces to answer any questions you may have. Don't let them divide us.

Please forward, circulate and display on noticeboards.

Join the demo on Monday 15th April. Details in newsletter.

RMT produces newsletter on Bakerloo detrainment dispute

Click on the attachment to see an RMT newsletter on the Bakerloo detrainment dispute. Main stories follow:

RMT suspends Bakerloo action

RMT on Thursday 21st of March agreed to suspend the Bakerloo detrainment action. While noting that progress had been made since the initial introduction of ‘flash and dash’, LU’s proposals fully accepted by ASLEF, fell short of the union’s aspirations for a proper detrainment policy that would be acceptable elsewhere on the combine.