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Service Control April Newsletter

Service control staff are being denied basic representation by managemment, hundreds of staff will lose their jobs when Hammersmith SCC is opened and management refuse to discuss alternative employment or the number of staff at risk.
A ridiculous campaign continues where managemnt consult staff 1 to 1 but offer no alternative proposals, just do you want to work at Hammersmith or not?
Staff need to stick together and force management to the table, a meeting has been arranged for April the 18th please attend.

Special Meeting 6th December,1700-Christopher Alder Campaign

Important Meeting-Christopher Alder Campaign.

Christopher Alder, a former paratrooper, died in police custody in 1998.
Now, eleven years after his death, it has come to light that it was not Christopher Alder at all who was buried in the family grave but the body of an elderly woman named Grace Kamara who died of natural causes in 1999.
The mix up was only discovered when members of Grace’s family asked to see the body before it was buried.

Poster for traincrew noticeboards

Click on the attachment to download poster for train depot noticeboards.

RMT General Secretary says:

"It is the abject failure of LU to recognise
that their policy of victimisation of union activists has been well and truly rumbled both in the employment tribunal and in their own depots, and it is that harassment and bullying that has left us with no choice but to name these dates for strike action.

AMENDED New issue of RMT up front - Drivers vote to stop victimisations on tube

The RMT Train Grades Committee has produced a new "Up Front" the newsletter for London Underground drivers. This edition has been amended to take account of RMT General Grades Committee decision. Click on the attachment to download it. Main stories follow:

Drivers vote to stop victimisations on the tube

What a result! Train drivers and Instructor operators on LU were asked “are you prepared to take strike action over the victimisation of Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas?” 64% of drivers responded with a resounding yes vote on a turnout of nearly 50%
This is a major achievement for the union and shows that drivers across the whole of the combine and in every depot are determined to stop the victimisation of our fellow drivers. Never before has the union escalated an individual case across the whole of the tube network.


Click on attachment to download a poster for notice boards.

All Train Operators and Instructor Operators have been balloted for strike action over LUL’s continuing victimisation of our representatives and activists.

You are invited to attend a member’s meeting on the date the all drivers ballot closes 27th April 2011 to discuss the result and the next course of action.

Wednesday 27th April 2011 at 4pm

YMCA Indian Student Hostel

41 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6AQ