Campaign and events leaflets

Leaflets promoting our campaigning activities and events

Demo: Save Whitechapel Ticket Office

The RMT will hold a demonstration opposing the closure of Whitechapel ticket office on Saturday 19th October between 09.30am and 10.30am, outside Whitechapel station.

Everyone is welcome to attend, so please feel free to spread the word to anyone you think would be interested.

Attached is a poster, which you can display in your workplace.

See you there.

Lorna Tooley
Branch Secretary
East Ham Branch, RMT

DEMO- Young Members lead the way

In the spirit of revolutionary Cuba, RMT young members are spearheading an anti McNulty demo prior to the Cuba Solidarity Garden Party.

The general secretary and assistant general secretaries have all confirmed their attendance.

Bring banners, flags, whistles etc to Kings Cross Station.

Poster attached.

Contact Gaz for more details:

Employment Tribunal Changes - What They Mean And How To Defend Against Them

You can download the flyer below - please print and distribute amongst comrades

The RMT's London Transport Regional council has organised a meeting for members to discuss the changes to Employment tribunals - one of many attacks from the Tories on workers. The meeting will also discuss how these and further attacks could be defended against.

The meeting will cover what every RMT rep, activist and worker needs to know and what can be done in the face of further Tory attacks designed to make it even harder to fight for justice in the workplace.

The meeting takes place at The Exmouth Arms on Tuesday 25th of September at 5pm.

London Underground Casualisation Leafter For Tube passengers

An important message from RMT to London Underground passengers.

During the Olympics London Underground has been counting volunteers among the number of safety-trained staff needed legally to keep Tube stations open, putting everyone concerned at risk. See overleaf to see how YOU can help us to stop this abuse.

During the Olympics, London Underground has been using volunteers to help out with the additional crowds using the Tube.

Stations And Revenue Committee Meeting And Organising Day

Attached is a leaflet we have put together to help recruit to RMT on stations. We hope you find it useful. For full details of the organising day email us.

Dear RMT stations and revenue reps,

Stations and revenue organising day, Thursday 23rd August

Join us for the Stations and Revenue Grades Committee meeting, 1430, Thursday 23rd August, at the Exmouth Arms, near Euston.

RMT Cleaners Strike Update

RMT union & its members are demanding:-

  • SICK PAY: Cleaning jobs are dangerous and when working with
    chemicals with a combination of poor or inferior PPE staff often get sick.
    However the cleaning Companies do not care about their Workers.
  • A DECENT PENSION: Many Cleaners are working well beyond other Workers retirement age because they cannot afford to retire as they have no pension to retire on. This is a disgrace in 2012 Britain.
  • ANNUAL PAY INCREASE: Why would any bosses object to this?

Cleaners Strike Posters

Posters have been created for the upcoming cleaners strike.

Please place them in union noticeboards and distribute them as appropriate. You can download them both via the attachments below.

Read More about the cleaners struggle for a London Living Wage here.

Initial London Underground Cleaners - Join RMT And Join The Fight For Better Pay

Download and distribute the leaflet attached below. You can join RMT here

Initial Cleaners at London Underground - Join RMT and help the union win decent pay and conditions.

RMT submitted a claim on behalf of cleaners on the Initial LUL contract, seeking a substantial pay increase, proper reward for the Olympics, and improvements in conditions including sick pay, pensions and travel facilities.

Initial boasts that “people are at the heart of everything we do” and that it aims “to be the employer of choice within our industry” with “fair rates of pay and benefits, excellent career opportunities and a caring and flexible approach” – yet it is expecting cleaners on the LUL contract already on low pay to take a real-terms pay cut.

The casualisation of vindictive discriminatory practices

‘The Past We Inherit The Future we Build.’

I am writing to you about an issue which may not seem on the face of it directly a young members issue but if we let these things happen to our fellow workers what will the future be like for us? We cannot let them get away with it, we cannot allow such blatant discrimination, bullying and harassment to become the norm. Such actions pave the way management will behave in the future, we have a lot more years in this company and we cannot allow the casualisation of vindictive discriminatory practices.

LU Sacks Station Assistant Who Was Victim Of Racist Attack

Click image for full size leaflet, or download the attachment below.

CSA Dayna Nembhard
After 8 years unblemished service, Dayna was callously sacked without any corroborated evidence to justify a Gross Misconduct charge.

Pregnant Dayna had finished work and stopped at the KFC for a bite to eat. Unprovoked, a white female customer racially attacked her. Fearing harm to her unborn child, mildmannered Dayna sought to defend