You calling me a liar?
Ballot for Central Line West Bond St members
The letter to staff from the PM Frank Ibe is a gem.
The RMT are clearly a bunch of horrible liars intent on dragging anyone and everyone through the mud to defend their members.
The authors of the unfair treatment handed out to Rachel have these questions to Frank.
Are we lying when we say ;
" Why do we employ people like this"
1. The AMS stated in an email to all Bond St managers when Rachel Gard was taken on as a CSA, before he had even met Rachel, " why do we employ people like this" when highlighting Rachel's disability to them.
He even went as far as to say she would have more time off and have to be accommodated because she would be unable to cover all shift patterns.
" Don't hold back "
2. The AMS sent an email to all the managers who would have involvement in probationary reviews demanding those manager " don't hold back" when offering views on the probation review.
We are asking you to vote for action.
Ask your PM, AMS or whoever
Are the RMT and the authors of rmt London Calling  lying to RMT members?
If they respond yes, I would ask you get this in writing and we can then challenge them legally for slander, libel and defamation of character.
When friends fall out
 Call da police - nah don't call us - text us
The final allegation of disgusting vile texts is a joke.
The police were called by LU 
The police said don't waste our time
LU released unfounded allegations of harassment, abuse and intimidation.
Any complaint?
They also say the person is a RMT member 
How do they know?
Have they requested release of this personal information to be given ?
Oh dear
I guess not
No evidence.
No investigation.
No corroboration.
No case to answer.
Full transcript of these text messages are available 
If they weren't so trite and boring we would publish them.
LU have been fingered in other disabilty discrimination  cases
Karen Guyott
Noel Robers
Rachel Gard
Who is next?
It's not the personality
It's the principle
The actions of LUL are completely over the top 
Vote yes for action.
The RMT and its author of these blogs are more than prepared to back the views we have with hard evidence
Solidarity and truth wins
Time to stand up Frank.