We Must Prepare To Defend Against Cuts

RMT is committed to fight against the 12% cuts demanded by Boris and enthusiastically carried out by LU management.

The most immediate target for LU, as they seek to wield the axe, will be ticket offices and station supervisors. Most members will, by now, have seen reports in the Standard as well as in London Calling of management’s plan to close all ticket offices and slash the number of supervisors by making each one cover up to five stations.

But the cuts demanded by Boris and LU will go much further than this.

Every function of TfL and LU will be hit, as will members working for contractors, such as cleaners.
The prospect of driverless trains, even if limited to a few lines at first, threaten the conditions of drivers while LU claims that new trains will identify their own maintenance needs and allow the company to shed engineering jobs.

Running alongside this is the threat to our pensions. We will continue to fight for all TfL/LU staff to be allowed to join the pension scheme as well as all new entrants.
Demands to cut costs will not just be a one off. TfL and LU will be told to repeat the process year after year as the government and GLA try to recover the money they have wasted on PPP and ongoing use of private firms.
RMT will do everything possible through negotiations to stop cuts to our jobs and conditions. We will also continue to mobilise support from the public and from those GLA members who support our position. But we all know that industrial action is likely to be needed if we are to defend our hard won jobs and conditions.

Management imposed a roving supervisor model onto the Wembley Central group with no consultation whatsoever. Following a meeting with the stations & revenue functional council LU has agreed to put that on hold and take the issue to ACAS. RMT will demand a supervisor roster for every station on the group but we know the company wants to roll out mobile supervision across the Underground.
Branches should be discussing these developments now. We do not know when LU may impose further changes that threaten members job security.

We must be ready to fight back as a united union to defend every job and our hard won conditions.
We will oppose the closure of ticket offices, the introduction of mobile supervisors, the introduction of driverless trains and we will defend our hard won pension rights.



John Reid, LTRC Secretary