Trains Functional Council Report February 2019

This report is an outline of train grade issues that the RMT Trains Functional Council are dealing with. For more details, please talk to your local rep or attend your branch merting.

TFC report

A number of items are still outstanding from last time I was on TFC: talks on a health document, which was originally designed to give managers guidance on managing female T/Ops needing time off during their menstrual cycle was expanded to include male T/Ops suffering from prostate problems and needing frequent PNRs. This has now been withdrawn by managers saying they intend to use the AAW. Also a document on dealing with traumatic incidents has reached stalemate because LUL want to call T/Ops in to show them CCTV footage in order to persuade them that it wasn’t as bad as they thought it was! We’re not having that.

A document on Managing Instructor Operators is also in dispute because management want to use SPADS that take place when an I/Op is “flying solo” to strip them of their grade. Our position is that when I/Ops are driving on their own and have a safety related incident they should be managed the same as a T/Op.

We are still having a row with LUL about managers driving trains. We insist it is only in emergencies, they want the opportunity to do so in “degraded situations”.

We’ve asked that they don’t automatically send out letters on the first day of sickness, but take an individual view on circumstances. If for example, someone calls in with a cold and will be back on Friday they don’t need a letter. But if someone has suffered a traumatic incident they may need a letter outlining support available. In orther words treat us like individuals not statistics. This has been referred to Company Council.

We’ve asked them to change the pro-forma sickness check lists that managers use, to remove the requirement for a phone number. We believe mutually agreed contact should not automatically require the manager to ask for a telephone number. This is being considered.

4 day week pro-rata opportunity is opening up again in March for approximately 4 weeks. Unfortunately on this occasion selection will be based on seniority again; but future opportunities will be based on date of application. We are working on a form of wording to allow drivers to go back to full time in a timely manner without jumping through hoops..

ASLEF have requested talks on compressed 36 hours 4 day week. We have stated that we don’t believe parameters should be broken to achieve this, but are prepared to look at a 9 day fortnight. We will insist, however, on being involved in the talks so we can keep an eye on them and prevent another bad deal.