Trains Functional Council Bulletin: Nightmare on Night Tube

This week, after months of talks, your TFC reps, along with their Aslef colleagues, were finally in a position to put a joint proposal on rostering Night Tube to LUL trains management. This followed a decision at Company Council to review the impact of Night Tube on all members of staff.

The proposal we put to them recognised that the introduction of all night running is going to have a negative impact on the work life balance of our members and be deeply unpopular. We tried to mitigate the impact of more weekend night turns by rostering more rest days and also included incentives to work the night shifts.

After a reasonably productive week of talks, staff side were getting close to finalising proposals to submit to the Company Council meeting next Wednesday. This was halted when it was discovered that management had already circulated their plans on rostering night tube. This circular had no relation to the proposal we were putting to them, and it completely undermined the collective bargaining that exists in LUL.

This is a slap in the face to every driver member who elects its reps to negotiate in their best interests and as such we have ended talks until this matter is resolved at the Company Council.

What is clear is that an aggressive management team, which is already trying to rip up agreements for our station grades members, is now adopting the same contemptuous attitude to our driver members.

This is not acceptable.

As always the best strategy is to stay united and try to get the best deal for our members. None of us asked for Night Tube, and we will not permit LUL to impose a system that is ill thought out and unfair.
Please attend your branch or the train grades meeting for up to date information on the latest situation.

  • Reps and activists may wish to print out the attached poster for display in noticeboards and to distribute in your depot.