Train prep schedule dispute 'executed in a text book manner'


That we note the decision of the 2019 RMT AGM; and that this dispute has been resolved due to the successful yes ballot of our LU Fleet members for industrial action, and the probable balloting of other grades on this matter.

We congratulate our members for taking such a magnificent stand against the undermining by the company of train maintenance inspection frequencies and safety standards, LU Fleet Branch for the sterling work in communicating the matter to our members and their work on the ballot matrix, along with members of other LU grades and the Lead Officer too using every avenue to push back on the company’s proposals.

This dispute was executed by all in a text book manner demonstrating how defending our members and the traveling public should be done! Along with this is the likelihood that the company will re-introduce their extended train preparation proposals at some time in the future; so we also remind all members and reps to remain vigilant, and report to the LU Fleet Branch and the Lead Officer any future attempts by the company to bring these changes in!

We instruct the General Secretary to close this file.

Members to be advised by email &; text.
LU Fleet Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.