Support our ABM Cleaners

Hope to see members from all functions on the cleaners demo at Parliament tomorrow.

The demonstration will take place on Wednesday 29 January at 13:00 opposite Old Palace Yard at the Houses of Parliament.

I recently attended a meeting with RMT's parliamentary group where the MPs agreed to write to the London Mayor in support of our demands that the Mayor immediately grants staff travel facilities to all cleaners.

I also raised this demand on behalf of all our subcontracted members (many who work in engineering) and our call for all outsourced work to be brought in-house.

There is a meeting with LUL to discuss pay & conditions (including working hours) on Thursday. I will be able to address what comes out of that meeting at the LTRC Thursday at 4pm.

I will be posting a report, covering the live issues I'm dealing with, to the LTRC on this blog tomorrow.