Stratford No 1 Branch Minutes April 2012

Original branch minutes are attached below

Branch Secretary: Terry O’Neill. Branch Chairperson: Adrian Finney ,
Branch Minutes: Thursday April 12 th 2012

17.10 hrs Meeting opens.

Previous Minutes Adopted

1. Matters Arising:
Branch Balance & end of year and future financing. £1000.00 Out £900 in Branch Banner to be considered in late 2012 Reliability Rainbow guidelines. Tommo to email Rainbow. E-mail TFC for information Two Retirments in May, Glasses and globes plus £100 each Order retirement forms for Reps.Ray Johnston and Mike Beament

2. (A) Leavers and Joiners: March 2012
No reports from HQ
Recruitment for Leyton and Buckhurst Hill May 10th 1030 am Leytonstone Canteen All activists to recruit both Caters and Cleaning staff
2(b) Organization, Recruitment & Retention.

3 Committee Reports:Regional AF reported
: Christopher Alder : RMT/TSSA merger still ongoing

3.a Other Reports : Regional Executive A Finney Reported
• Disputes : Cleaners(ISS and Initial) , Tubelines pay/pensions/conditions.
• Service Controllers: Loss of 200 jobs
• Quinn Maintenance of fire panels
• Tubelines and ERU
• Bus Drivers Olympic Deal

Ross Marshall:
• Stations Safety Council
• Cleaners PPE , national Flags, Cleaners to act in a SA role
• Quinn Dispute is a serious dispute with real possibilities of closures
• Travel Information Workers dispute, No AL during Olympics
• Tubelines dispute and ERU ramifications
• Bus Drivers Olympic Deal
• White chapel ORR victory
• Staff Uniform Fleeces
• Supervisors losses , no nights and loss of booking on contractors
• TSSA Merger
• SRT Stations familarisations
• Serious Assault, RCI stabbed at Blackhorse Road

Q&A sessions
AT Woodford Train Ops detraining DM West End Train Ops detraining DM Station Familarisation for Tops Email all members JB Assault on staff in Belgium, resulted in strikes DM Safety meetings on Olympics. Email Hedley and co.
Janine Booth: Continued on the above items

• Olympic update
• Executive Decisions
• Reps Meetings
• Roadshow meetings
• Legal Advise
• Zero Disciplinarians
• Roadshows, LUL say we are not welcome
• Criminal Injuries Compensation to omit railway workers, email membership to raise issues on consultation Closing April 22
• Stations Supervisors RMT national Campaign , 50% of all SS are in the Branch.,more work to be Done, John Leach and David Pittman
• Branch management Training courses Autumn 2012
Womens Issues
• Two day womens Training Course 11th & 25th May
• Anti Sexism Posters
• Womens Lunch May 3rd, East London Womens Union/Social History walking tour June

2nd Q&A sessions

AT 75% of duties going over 9 hours AT RMT reps allocating duties e-mail Hedley and TFC for advise TON Proforma for management email Hedley and co for advise JL&JL Babysitting stations LK Babysitting Stations DF ICSA's roles and responsibilities e-mail D French LK Possible recruit abnormalities for outside candidates , Email ?

• Various Yellow Perils
• Train Crew Newsletters
• Infrastructure Newsletters
• Vulnerable Workers
• Regional Minutes
• Prelim Agenda AGM & Delegates
• RMT parliamentary Group report and early day motions
• DVD Train Crews
• National Shop Stewards Network receipt
• Widows and Orphans receipt
• Thomsons Solicitors O'Neill, Miller, Saltagouinnis
• Appeal COE D Bryan, Failed
• TUC Womens Gold Badge
• TUC H&S rep award( D Millhouse)
• TUC Learning Rep award, TUCongress award covering letter
• Disabled members meeting
• Network rail lay reps election
• RMT News magazine
• RMT/TSSA merger 2X
• Quarterly Allocations
• Expansion of Doncaster training Center
• Election of Assisting GS & nomination receipt
• B&E (MM)
• AGM social funds
• Congrats to PP & MM for LGBT committee
• Regional Council Affiliations and Computer and printer payments
• Buses matter postcard campaign

5. Members Cases
Adekoya: ongoing Yeend & Adongo,ongoing Hamilton 52 week warning, going to appeal Faye Dobson ongoing Rob Allen, ongoing
AT,GC.AC,PP.MM,GB all contributed.
6.Workplace Issues:

Motions Previously Given :

INTERNATIONAL LGBT RIGHTS This conference notes:
3. The speech by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on 7th March 2012 calling on all countries
around the world to decriminalise consensual same-sex relationships and end discrimination against LGBT people. 4. That in 76 countries being gay is illegal, and in 10 of these, punishable by death or life imprisonment. 5. LGBT people in regions around the world are victims of violence, such as targeted killings, violent assaults
and torture. 6. The Russian city of St Petersburg has recently passed a law making it illegal to speak in public about being
LGBT. 7. Across Africa, parliaments are advocating laws that would further penalise, even execute, gay people. 8. In Iraq, religious militias have brutally murdered hundreds of gay men and young men perceived to be gay. 9. The Iranian theocratic regime criminalises and oppresses homosexuality.
This conference believes that:
1. Human rights are for all people, in all countries.
2. Proposals to cut aid to countries with anti-gay laws may be counterproductive and are generally not supported by LGBT groups in those countries.
Conference calls on the RMT to:
• Support campaigns against homophobia around the world.
• Build solidarity links with LGBT rights campaigners and trade unionists around the world.
• Support and mobilise for appropriate protest actions.
• Raise the issue of LGBT rights at international events that the union attends.
• Continue to support LGBT workers and trade union rights in countries such as Iran, while opposing military action against them.
• Include a feature on international LGBT rights in RMT news.
Motion 2. Level 2 reps
This branch requests and requires the regular attendance of our level 2 representatives at our Branch monthly meetings .Where these Reps can listen and respond to the concerns of our reps, activists and members. In addition this Branch would like regular updates in writing, dealing with negotiations ,agreements and discussions of interest to our members. We also request that prompt replies must follow telephone calls.

Email level 2 contact lists to reps Email membership to support Livingstone
Meeting closed 20.15 hours.