RMT Secures “Ground Breaking” Olympics Pay And Rewards Deal On London Overground

Rail Union RMT confirmed today that after constructive talks with London Overground Rail Operations Ltd (LOROL) over the last few months, they have secured a ground breaking rewards package for LOROL staff in exchange for some flexibility of work patterns during the Olympics.

The deal, which includes over 500 front line RMT members across the company at all of its locations, will mean enhanced payments for shifts worked during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The agreement will see additional pay for station, conductor, train care, fleet maintenance and revenue staff with an enhancement rate of 25% paid (normal time plus one quarter) for shifts worked during the Olympics and Paralympics games. Over the period covered by the agreement, staff will see a minimum gross payment of £650 which could rise with additional shifts and overtime.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“This deal recognises the value placed on transport workers in delivering an effective Olympics and is a good deal for RMT members, the travelling public and Olympic visitors alike. It’s a common sense approach in planning ahead for the Games”.

“It means that our members will get a minimum additional payment of £650 with the scope for more.”

Bob Crow praised RMT representatives in helping secure the agreement with London based train operating company, LOROL. He added: “This agreement quite rightly recognises and rewards the additional efforts and flexibility required of RMT members during the Olympics to benefit passengers on London Overground routes serving the key hub at Stratford. The agreement shows the importance of the workforce having a skilled and experienced trade union on their side in negotiating the best deal possible to the mutual benefit of everyone involved”.