RMT Reaffirms Determination To Resist Automation As An Attack On Jobs

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd.

LUL’s letter confirms our suspicions that it still intends to increase automation in order to attack jobs and conditions, and we reaffirm our determination to resist this.

We further note reports that some testing of technology to facilitate driverless trains may have taken place at Wembley during the first weekend of November. We instruct the General Secretary to obtain an urgent report on this, and to place it in front of us.

We further note that the correspondence from London Underground indicates that our decision of the GGC of 25 October on DEFENDING LONDON UNDERGROUND JOBS AND CONDITIONS (LUL/15/4) has not been carried out in full.

We instruct the General Secretary that any similar meetings with London Underground Directors outside the Machinery of Negotiation must:

  • be advised to the GGC in advance and an instruction obtained
  • be attended by the appropriate officer(s) and representatives(s) ie. at least one officer (lead officer and/or AGS) and at least one representative (GGC and/or Company Council)
  • discuss issues to be agreed in advance by the GGC
  • be followed by a written report to the GGC

We reaffirm the importance of our agreed Machinery of Negotiation.


London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

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