RMT Engineering Branch Motion Joins Growing Call of Support For Glen Hart

I'm pleased to advise the following was passed unanimously at this evenings meeting of LU Engineering RMT Branch.

Resolution on the Victimisation by LU of Glen Hart RMT Rep.

This branch calls upon the RMT GGC to ballot all grades on LU for strike action and action short of a strike in the event that Glen Hart is dismissed, down graded or given any warning for following instructions from RMT in the EJM dispute.

Glen abided by the instruction of the GGC and his refusal to work overtime was covered by a lawful RMT ballot of members.
If LU are allowed to discipline Glen Hart it will be a massive injustice to him; and will destroy our ability to use this type if action short of a strike on LU ever again.


Andy Littlechild, Chair,
LU Engineering Branch RMT