A response by the Senior Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley, to racism/homophobia aimed at himself and Union Representatives!
So just when you think people cannot sink any lower a video portraying RMT members (all of whom have a history  of anti fascism) as Nazis  appears together with other videos that are blatantly homophobic. The tired old bunker scene with Hitler  ranting, dragged up to poison the chances of a family man bring reinstated to his job  is really quite pathetic. I can only feel pity for people who’s hearts are so twisted that not only are they delighting in others being sacked but actually aiding and abetting management in their heinous actions.
If you think trivialisation of the Nazis war crimes ,the Holocaust ,homophobia ,anti Irish racism,innuendo and blatant lying about a victitimised union rep is great fun you really need to look at your reason for being in any trade union or society.
Rest assured the majority of your colleagues will think less of you for this . If any RMT member behaved in this way toward any rep from any union I’d want them drummed out of the movement ,how  people think it’s acceptable or funny is simply beyond me. All members of other unions are guaranteed that RMT will never indulge in such anti working class bullying and collaboration with the bosses.

It shouldn’t be about what union you’re in it should be about what side you’re on,are you on the side of the workers or on the side of the bosses? Think about that before you create your next vile  meme or video .Perhaps  if you do decide to continue to put out these works of class treachery you could at least put your own names  to them instead of hiding your identity but then again that would take a modicum of courage and integrity.