Resolution: Young Members Advisory Committee – Basis of Representation

This resolution submitted by Neasden branch was carried unanimously by the March metting of the Regional Council:

This Regional Council notes the formation of the Young Members Advisory Committee, as per clause 1 of rule 12D.

This branch also notes the inconsistency of the basis of representation between the Young Members advisory committee (1 per region) and the other equal rights advisory committees, governed by rule 12A (5 Per Region).

We note from this year’s young member’s conference, that the conference was not able to fill its liaison committee, and barely filled its Chair and Vice Chair positions, as the conference constitution states that ‘The chair and vice chair and three members of the liaison committee, must be members of the advisory committee.’

More worryingly, the inconsistency in the basis of representation is preventing young members who wish to be active within the democratic hierarchy of the union from doing so, and we believe it is detrimental to the union's organising agenda.

We ask that under Clause 3 of Rule 12D “The General Secretary shall provide secretarial services to the committee. The Committee shall have their standing orders, constitution and basis of representation determined by the council of executives.” that the union's executive bring the number of members on the National Young Members Advisory Committee to five per region.