New duty schedules on the Jubilee Line

Dear member,

As we previously reported, your RMT reps rejected the new duty schedules for timetable 15 as they include an increase in weekend working. This matter was then taken up by RMT Trains Functional Council Reps with senior London Underground management. However, LU announced they would breach the 2015 pay deal and impost their new duty sheets on us.

The negative impact of our duty schedules is not a concern for our bosses as they don’t have to deal with thousands of passengers, do shifts, or work weekends. But for us on the front line, that is our lives. 

The RMT National Executive have decided therefore, with the full agreement of reps on the line, that we need to ballot for industrial action.

We expect this industrial action, if necessary, will be taken jointly with our sister union ASLEF.

Now is the time to ensure London Underground management improve our wok life balance and stick to the 2015 pay deal agreement that said they will reduce weekend working.

When you receive your ballot paper make sure you use your vote, and vote Yes.

Not voting, or a NO vote, would send a signal to management that you are happy for them to make your work-life balance worse, and that they can breach agreements they have previously made with us.

Any concerns or questions, please speak to your local RMT rep.


Yours Sincerely,

RMT Jubilee Line