A Message to you CSA

A message to you CSA

Baby sitting a station – what could possibly go wrong?

LUL – we haven't got a CSM for West Ham today
Please do some OT  CSA and keep Station open
Nothing will go wrong
We do it all the time
Sit in the Station Control Room, drink tea and pretend nothing's happening l
Don't go on the gate line
Leave gates open
You're a CSA
What could possibly go wrong?l

Step forward to Thursday Nov 24 at West Ham, east of the Jubilee line
8 platforms
Jubilee Line
H&C / District line
C2 C
6  escalators 
4 lifts

No need for a CSM there then?

Only 2 months previous the Canning Town incident occurred.
Similarly , 6 platforms, 10 escalators,4 lifts, no control room assistant
Women gets leg caught between train and platform.
Local investigation report demands extra CSS in control room

So West Ham 
Thursday Nov 24

No CSM, LU respond with let's put 2 CSAs who have never worked there, barely familiarised, no supervisory grade to assist or lead them.
They are left there to flounder.

No one would or could imagine the events that occurred subsequently 
Hang on…..Management of Heath and Safety at Work act says there is someone who should 
That would be LUL

A young women had a suspected heart attack, emergency services requested
BTP assist
No escalator 
No lifts
No help
No supervisory lead
Isn't that what the Fennell report suggested was lacking? Someone must be in charge?

To leave 2 CSAs in charge of a major London interchange station is failing in their obligations to the safety of Londoners.

The dignity of a customer experiencing  a suspected heart attack, with no screens to give her some privacy is a disgrace.
The lack of care and consideration is awful

The woman did not die thankfully.

It was only the assistance of a CSM who had finished their duty passing through who prevented a major catastrophe 
That CSM helped out out above and beyond the call of duty
The BTP are furious at the way the incident was handled.

So CSAs – babysitting isn't all it's cracked up to be is it?
If you are found to be liable or at fault LUL will discipline you

Support the action for more staff
No overtime

Solidarity wins