London Underground Machinery Of Negotiation Review

We note the correspondence from London Underground, calling a meeting to discuss the process for conducting the review of the machineries. We instruct the General Secretary to ensure that the appropriate officer and representatives attend this meeting, and to provide them with copies of previous decisions on this issue.

We note that while this review was originally of the industrial relations and health & safety machineries, the correspondence from LUL now suggests that it covers other areas. We are prepared to discuss the Time Off Agreement and the Uniform Consultative Committee, but seek the views of our Union Learning staff and LU ULRs Co-ordinator (Brother Bradshaw-Murray) as to whether we wish the Union Learning Agreement to be reviewed. These views are to be placed in front of us.

We further note the concerns expressed by our representatives over London Underground management using Upgrades as a means of circumventing the established machineries. We will propose during the review of the machineries that Upgrades be incorporated into the established machineries, with our Upgrades representatives for trains and service control added to the respective Tier 2 Health & Safety Councils.

We further instruct the General Secretary to carry out our previous decision of 22 March to obtain a report specifying how many level/tier 2 representatives RMT has in each function on LUL, and which of them have full-time release to carry out their trade union duties, and place this in front of us. We note the view of our MATS (managers and admin) representative that there should be full-time release for representatives in this function.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

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