latest edition of london calling - strike special edition ALL OUT JULY 8/9

latest edition of rmt London calling

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The strikes are on

All grades (apart from T/Ops & I/Os)

Do not book on for duty 1830 July 8 until 1829 July 9

T/ops & I/Os do not book on for duty 2130 July 8 until 2129 July 9

OT ban from 2130 July 9

The unrealistic and unfair thresholds the Tories and the Mayor wish to impose on Strike ballots have been well and truly hurdled by workers on the tube.
Returns of 93% in favour of action is the clearest indication that workers on the tube are not only unhappy that a government elected with only 24% of the voters who wish to impose unfair voting systems on them, but also how extremely concerned they are over the imposition of night tube that would obliterate any work life balance we currently have.

Our demands
We want the company to withdraw the roster sent to level 1 reps on trains and engineering.
We want a negotiated agreement for the introduction of night tube, not something dictated to us by the outgoing Mayor of London.
Our frameworks and our agreements cannot and should not be ripped up by the employer.
A fair financial offer to take on the additional duties of night tube. A decent pay rise.
A safe and properly staffed network.
A 32 hour week.
Sit down and talk to us is our message.

We are not opposed to night tube
What we are opposed to is the way LUL have sought to bring it in.
We want a safe, fully staffed, fully funded model. Not something that was a whim and vanity project idea dreamt up by the Mayor with the details being scribbled out on the back of a fag packet.
Trains running through the night need more staff, not less.
Cutting 838 jobs at a time when you need experienced and well trained staff used to dealing with the issues and problems that occur during night running is bizarre.
Our message to LUL is halt the job cull, talk to the RMT and other unions, negotiate a fair and reasonable deal to allow night tube to be run safely.

Framework and agreements
Imposing night tube means LUL want to rip up our framework of agreements, Professional Train Operators Agreement (PTOA) and agreed roster patterns for engineering grades.
This is clearly totally unacceptable.
These agreements were negotiated on the back of disputes and industrial action.
Any change to our agreements must be by way of negotiation, not by the employer dictating to the workers.