Jubilee South Branch Motion: ‘Gay Cure’ Adverts On TfL Buses

This motion was passed at Jubilee South & East London Lines April Meeting - it relates to this story

It is disgraceful that such clearly homophobic adverts could get so near to being placed on London buses.

The adverts were only stopped once there imminent unveiling across the city was highlighted in the national press.

TfL should have guidelines in place so that its contractor responsible for advertising understands that these adverts are offensive to LGBT people and others.

The responsibility is with TfL. If they wish to be perceived as a gay friendly employer - as of course they should - they must ensure that they aren’t covering their property with adverts extolling the joys of being cured of homosexuality, regardless of the ten thousand pound income they reportedly lost from cancelling such adverts.

There is confusion over whether TfL blocked the advert, or the mayor of London did so.

We ask that RMT General Secretary Bob Crow write to LUL to express our disgust that such a situation should ever arise, London also to enquire who it was that ultimately blocked the adverts- TfL or Boris Johnson.