GMB Sussex Branch Supports Alex McGuigan Reinstatement Fight

The GMB Union's Sussex branch has passed a motion applauding the RMT efforts to secure Alex Mcguigans reinstatement. The branch has also kindly donated towards a strike fund to provide 'practical support in their efforts to win'.

In response RMT London Transport Region Secretary Eamonn Lynch has written to thank the branch for their support. Eamonn said "We really appreciate the support from your branch and the donation is gladly accepted. I know I speak for Alex when I say the support from RMT members and from comrades across the union movement is not only appreciated but a source of inspiration.

The RMT LTRC wishes to thank your Union immensely for the support offered. The fight goes on and we will not rest until Alex gets the justice he deserves."

Alex Mcguigan was terminated by London Underground bosses after he failed an alcohol test. The RMT

" The fight goes on and we will not rest until Alex gets the justice he deserves"

and Alex believe this was because of his diabetes leading to a false result. Alex McGuigan's branch have already taken industrial action and the region is deciding what further action to take and as this struggle for justice continues. Read more about Alex McGuigan's case here.

The GMB Sussex Branch Motion
This branch notes: Some of us are LGV drivers, and we understand the importance of a zero tolerance policy on alcohol, and also take pride in providing a professional service to the public. However, we condemn the unfair and discriminatory punishment issued to Alex McGuigan recently by the London Underground bosses, who sacked Alex after he failed a breathalyser test which failed to take into account his diabetes.

This branch further notes: The inspiring action by the RMT to vote to strike to win Alex’s reinstatement. We applaud the efforts to make this an industrial issue, and hope that other workers will see this collective action as a way to fight injustices at work.

This branch pledges to: send this motion to the RMT branch to let them know they have support from other workers round the country, and also to donate £100 to their strike fund, in the hope to provide them with practical support in their efforts to win.